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Posts by Nixola

Nov 8 2012
Top 10 Things To Know About Documentary Film-Making
Nov 5 2012
Telling stories and sharing realities with photography: Women in War Zones and Faces of Montreal
Oct 24 2012
Abby Lippman, an academic and activist in Montreal, speaks about the on-going project that aims to bridge the generation gap between youth and seniors.
Sep 24 2012
A workshop that showcases the female predecessors of the media and provides practical advice on how to get ahead as a journalist in the modern-day media industry.
Sep 24 2012
An interactive workshop and technical skill share on issues related to science and health reporting. Followed by a discussion on what is being covered in the mainstream and alternative media, what is not and why.
Sep 17 2012
How, despite the unlikelihood of a large income, environmental journalism can enrich one's life in ways mere money can never hope to do. Followed by a discussion period in which participants will explore professional and moral approaches, what the future is for this genre, and how best to get started.
Sep 17 2012
How print media operates and dispelling myths of government and corporate control in Journalism. Followed by a discussion on how traditional journalism and newspaper writing has transformed with the use of online commenting and different social media platforms.

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