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Cross-Pollination Workshops and Mentorship Program

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Cross-Pollination Workshops and Mentorship Program
Cross-Pollination Workshops and Mentorship Program

Community Journalism Across Generations is a new project being organized by the Montreal Media Co-op and is funded by the New Horizons Grant from Heritage Canada. 

Workshop Series

An important component of the Community Journalism Across Generations will be workshops at which seniors or elders who are late in their career as journalists, writers or media makers will present their experiences, wisdom and share skills to a wide audience. 


***Janet Torge - Top 10 Things to Know About Documentary Film Making
Tuesday, November  27th, 17:00 - 19:00
Atwater Library Auditorium, 1200 Rue Atwater (Atwater Metro) 
So You Want To Be A Documetary Film Maker 

***OWL - Older Women Live Radio Collective (CKUT 90.3FM) - All about radio and interviewing skills
date and location to be announced. 

*** Sue Montgomery - Classical Journalism Approach
RESECHEDULED - date and location to be determined 
A presentation on print journalism, corporate roles in the media and a discussion on social media.


**Holly Dresesl - Journalism and the Environment
Tuesday, October 9th16:30-18:00 - Journalism and the Environment 
Atwater Library Auditorium, 1200 Rue Atwater (Atwater Metro) 
The Remarkable Life Advantages of Environmental Journalism

***Abby Lippman - Health and Science Reporting 
Wednesday, October 17th17:00-19:00
Centre Culturel Georges Vanier, 2450 Rue Workman (Lionel Groulx Metro)
An interactive workshop on health and science reporting.

***Linda Kay - Gender and Journalism
Wednesday, November 7th, 18:00-20:00 
2110 Centre, Suite 401, 1500 de Maissoneuve West (Guy-Concordia Metro) 
A discussion on the role of women in journalism. 

*** Shahrzad Arshadi - Sharing stories and realities through photographs
Wednesday, November 14th, 18:00 -20:00 
ZGallery, 5445 de Gaspe #315 (Laurier Metro)
Women in War Zones and Faces of Montreal


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