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Generations Workshop Series 3 - Abby Lippman - Health and Science Reporting

An interactive workshop and technical skill share on issues related to science and health reporting. Followed by a discussion on what is being covered in the mainstream and alternative media, what is not and why.

- 7:00pm
Mercredi Octobre 17 2012

Venue: Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier
Address: 2450 Rue Workman, Rm 1.140
Cost: Free!
Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible.

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In a world that is full of facts about issues related to science and health, it is important to know how to: present facts accurately, include details about new research, be able to account for multiple sources and shed light on important or new discoveries.

The interactive workshop will be an opportunity for participants to learn the necessary technical skills to write a science and/or health report. The workshop will be followed by a discussion on what type of science and health coverage there is in the mainstream and alternative media, leading to the interesting question of what is being left out of the coverage and why.

As a long-time academic and activist, Abby Lippman’s areas of research interest includes womens health. Abby is also very involved in her community as an activist. In addition to this, she is a contributor for an independent French magazine, Ababord and the Montreal Media Co-op.

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