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Cameron Fenton

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juin 7 2011
Community members prepare for potential standoff with police.
avr. 20 2011
Climate Justice organizers mark 1 year anniversary of BP oil spill targetting Enbridge Trailbreaker Pipeline Project
avr. 20 2011
Enbridge Trailbreaker pipeline project rejected one year after Gulf oil spill
déc. 1 2010
Climate Justice Montreal Applauds CPTAQ Decision to Deny Permits for Portland- Montreal Pipelines Dunham Pumping Station
nov. 26 2010
First edition highlights community struggles and makes the links between climate and social justice
nov. 18 2010
A primer on shale gas extraction in Quebec and what people can do to stop it
nov. 17 2010
Talking music, the roots of resistance and direct action with Tim Barry

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