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A Tar Sands Pledge of Resistance (Engagement à la Résistance contre les Sables Bitumineux)


by Quebec Climate Action Camp and the Climate Pledge of Resistance

A Tar Sands Pledge of Resistance (Engagement à la Résistance contre les Sables Bitumineux)
A Tar Sands Pledge of Resistance (Engagement à la Résistance contre les Sables Bitumineux)
[En français ici]

At a recent climate camp in North America, activists began collecting signatures for a tar sands pledge of resistance. We invite you to sign on to commit to action against a fossil fuel pipeline and pumping project (”Trailbreaker”) that may bring tar sands bitumen through infrastructure across several American states and Canadian provinces. If we cannot overturn these industry plans, tar sands bitumen will be sent through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, Vermont, and Maine — before tankers bring this sludge to the Gulf Coast of Texas!

These and other tar sands operations amount to the single-most destructive and unsustainable project on earth. (See this brief H2oil segment for an excellent introduction.)

Just north of Vermont, over 200 people recently joined the resistance as they passed through the Quebec Climate Action Camp in Dunham. The camp was erected to strengthen growing resistance toward the construction of a pumping station, which would be part of the Enbridge Trailbreaker project, cutting across the community. At the end of the climate camp, activists and community members launched the next step in the campaign against dirty oil’s eastward expansion: a Pledge of Resistance. Activists in the region around the climate camp will continue creating a broad network of community members and supporters to educate about the dangers of the Trailbreaker project, and take action to stop it.

The Quebec Climate Camp Pledge of Resistance

Enbridge and the Portland Montreal Pipeline’s proposed pumping station threatens the health, water, environment and lands of the people of Dunham and the region.

The pumping station, part of Enbridge’s Trailbreaker pipeline project, is intended to carry dirty oil from the most environmentally destructive enterprise in human history, the Alberta tar sands.

The companies and government-backers behind this proposed pumping station are ignoring community wishes and concerns, including demands for an independent environmental assessment.

The community has never consented to the project. All along the trail of the pipeline, opposition is growing.

Between August 7 and 23, 2010, community members joined forces with supporters from across Quebec, Canada, and North America to hold a Climate Action Camp. to strengthen the campaign against the Trailbreaker. We gathered to educate, create new ties, and mobilize a diverse movement to stop oil companies from polluting our communities and contributing to climate catastrophe.

Because of the grave threat the Trailbreaker project poses to the climate, the community and all others in its path, we pledge to engage in non-violent direct action to stop the pumping station should they ever attempt to follow through with its construction without community consent.

Sign now!

While this trail breaking pledge is local, the context and needed responses are global, with connections to your home. There are many points of intervention against tar sands infrastructure, but we also must form a united front!

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The original Climate Action Camp version (which I'm not claiming to have had a significant hand in) is here - (en français et anglais)

The Climate Pledge of Resistance posting/message is here -

Une autre invitation à signer

Une autre invitation à signer une pétition comme si les pétitions changeaient vraiment les choses… Une autre fois, c’est demander aux politicienNEs qui défendent les intérêts d’États capitalistes de mettre fin à la destruction engendrée par ce système. Plus ça change et plus c’est pareil. Quand est-ce que les gens vont se tannéEs et réellement engagéEs dans une lutte pour mettre fin à l’exploitation des sables bitumineux comme à l’exploitation en général ? Quand est-ce que ce système de destruction massive deviendra intolérable ? Quand est-ce que les gens délaisseront les institutions qui nous gouvernent et la fondamentalement réformiste non-violence  pour vraiment attaquer les problèmes à leurs racines ?



A recent study actually

A recent study actually showed that posting anonymously on the Media Co-op is at least 45-60 times more useless than a petition. 

If you disagree with tactics, go start a group, a campaign, take action into your own hands or just do something, keyboard insurgents are boring.

Alors, vous allez arrêter

Alors, vous allez arrêter l'industrie du pétrole des sables bitumineux en complicité avec les États ? Bonne chance ! 


Franchement, cessez au moins de mentir et de nous leurrer en nous offrant toujours la même rengaine non-violente ! Ça sera un commencement de réflexion qui nous amènera peut-être à définir  mieux les actions qui peuvent être portées contre l'industrie et peut-être le capitalisme dans son ensemble.


Autrement dit, vous pouvez toujours dire que nous sommes boring, mais ça changera pas notre réalité qui l'est tellement plus.


Et il y a des gens qui portent des actions qui vont vraiment plus loin et elles/ils méritent vraiment mieux que d'être isoléEs par des blancs et autres middle class comme vous.



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