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Lillian Boctor

Posts by Lillian Boctor

Dec 9 2013
Interview with Barriere Lake Elder and Land Defender Michel Thusky
Jul 23 2013
Intersectionality: Gender and race discrimination affect Tomee Sojourner's right to a fair trial
Jul 8 2013
Egyptian artist Adham Hafez analyzes Egypt's historical June 30th rebellion against the Morsi government and the Muslim Brotherhood
Apr 19 2013
Supreme Court hears arguments from police groups and families of two men killed by police regarding practice of lawyer note vetting when police are under investigation
Dec 22 2012
Patricia Stein, a Lakota from North Dakota, on hunger strike in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence, and participating in #IdleNoMore from Cairo
Mar 19 2012
A Discussion with Egyptian journalist and activist Deena Gamil in Montreal on March 10, 2012 at Café l'Artère, as part of Israeli Apartheid Week
Nov 21 2011
Thousands return to Tahrir Square as Central Security Forces and military police continue violent attacks: Interviews with Egyptian activists Sherif Joseph Rizk and Yehia El Gammal
Nov 3 2011
Interview with Egyptian activist Shahira Abouellail, one of the founders of the No Military Trials Campaign in Egypt

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