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At the climate camp in Quebec

by Toban Black

The August climate camp was held in Dunham, Quebec.  A tar sands pipeline ("Trailbreaker") and pumping station project was our main target at the camp.  For more information, see this invitation, and this camp publication.

These photos are from the "convergence days" between August 18th and August 22nd.

In the first photo there are signs that say 'No dirty oil in our territory' and  'climate action camp' (in French).  The banners say 'Change the system, not the climate' (in French), 'stop the wave of destruction' (in French), "CO2lonialism", and 'Change the system! Not the climate!' "Trailbreaker = Tar sands".  The sign in the last photo says 'pipeline coalition' (in French).

Our tents we were on a cowfield which the cows had been temporary moved from.  Most of the cow patties were cleared away too.  Some people hadn't arrived yet when the tent field photo in this set was taken.

Two forest workshop spaces are visible in these photos.  Other workshop tents also can be seen in the photos -- along with a few of the workshops.

A tool tent is visible behind the soccer game.

In the Infoshop there were flyers, posters, books, sign-up sheets, and other materials.  The pirate flag on the infoshop is about Canadian mining.

Food was prepared collectively in our makeshift kitchen.

The kitten was our mascot "CJ" -- as in Climate Justice (in English).  The bike bloc group rescued the kitten from a rural road during their 9-hour journey from Montreal to the camp site.  For a couple of days, the kitten spent a lot of time in the wood pallet at the entrance to the kitchen.

Our climate camp was one of several during 2010; here is a list of 2010 climate camp web sites, in various Anglo and European countries.

See the individual photo posts on Flickr for more details (including English translations of the text on the banners).

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