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Qouleur Art Fest Opens August 12th

"Rage and Love" theme of 2015's Two-Spirited & LGBTTQ Indigenous and people of colour art festival

by David Gray-Donald

Emotions and emotional experiences are a key aspect of day-to-day existence for Two-Spirited people and LGBTTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, and queer) Indigenous and racialized people/people of colour in Montreal. These experiences happen as they contend with the physical, mental, and spiritual violence around them as well as engage in deeply meaningful social relationships with those they encounter in their lives, including each other.


The artists, speakers, and facilitators taking part in Qouleur Fest 2015 seek to address the importance of rage and love, the themes of this year's festival, to this community. Through their work and presentations they intend to demonstrate the impact of these emotions on the well-being of individuals who tackle oppressions that continually challenge them on different levels and come at them from different directions. 

“Many people in Western society have a negative view of expressing emotion,” says Karine Myrgianie Jean-François, a founding member of the Qollective. “For queer Indigenous people and people of colour such as those participating in this year’s festival, however, tapping into their emotions is a method of survival, and attendees at this year’s festival will be able to engage with art and conversations that emphasize this critical aspect of our lives.”

The Qouleur Fest program, as in past years, has many features. An art exhibit will be open for the course of the festival (but closed Sunday August 16) at the MAI Centre (Montréal, arts interculturels), a new location for hosting some Qouleur Fest events. There are numerous performances, film screenings, and several workshops and discussions throughout the festival. A keynote panel on Monday August 17th will focus on emotions and activism.
The festival runs from Wednesday, August 12 to Sunday, August 23 at multiple locations.

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