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Dispatches from Dakar II

Desmond D'Sa on community mobilizations in Durban against 2011 UN climate conference

by Stefan Christoff

Dispatches from Dakar II

Audio reports from the World Social Forum produced for broadcast on campus/community radio globally.

In this segment of Dispatches from Dakar we will hear from Desmond D'Sa from the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance speaking on grassroots organizing currently taking place in Durban, South Africa to protest the UN summit on climate change to take place between November 28th & December 9th 2011.

In this interview D'Sa outlines a climate justice from South African perspective, highlighting recent extreme weather events in the country and the fact that communities in South Africa directly impacted by climate change have not been consulted or involved in the upcoming UN conference in their city.

For more information on the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance

Music featured in this report created by hip-hop artist Makkan J in Senegal.

Dispatches from Dakar interview series is produced for broadcast on campus/community radio by community organizer and journalist Stefan Christoff

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Topics: Environment

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