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Independent Media in the Time of Covid-19

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Local independent news is essential to our survival
Local independent news is essential to our survival

So after more than a decade, the Media Co-op network of websites are still operational despite low usage, except of course when there are mobilizations such as #ShutDownCanada. But like a husk waiting to be inhabited, I was happy to dust off my old account, and re-familiarize myself with the interface. And behold! The publish button still fuckin works! Still trying to figure out who to reach out to, to make sure HTTPS is up and running again.

Anywho, I write this quick missive to invite indy journos and commentators to re-occupy this site as a space to share local info regarding COVID-19 - mutual aid efforts and of course taco recipes.

So a few things I'd like to share are:

MTL Babysitting - for peeps needing childcare
Montreal Mutual Aid - Message board for folks needing groceries deliveries or other needs met
Solidairy Across Borders list of demand
Surviving the Virus: An Anarchist Guide
If you still don't take social distancing seriously, please read this

An easy fish taco recipe (for veggie, just replace fish with extra firm tofu)

All for now and wash your fuckin hands!


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The site for the Montreal local of The Media Co-op has been archived and will no longer be updated. Please visit the main Media Co-op website to learn more about the organization.