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The Link, CUTV and the Loss of Radical Media: A Letter

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I was very disappointed to read The Link's column about CUTV. Managing editor Erin Sparks writes with relief that the era of movement-based journalism is over.

"Up until recently, the station had a reputation marred by altercations with police and instances where it was difficult to differentiate between the protesters and those manning the CUTV cameras." 

That's because CUTV had a mandate to be a voice for the voiceless. They were radical and with us on the streets. This heart has clearly been ripped from the outlet to the detriment of the community.

Incidentally, The Link used to have "voice for the voiceless" written into their mandate. That was changed against my will by the Board of Directors while I was on the board, if I recall correctly.

I love these outlets and I devoted myself to The Link, but it seems student journalism has become just another training ground for corporate media, rather than an alternative model that seeks to change the existing paradigm.

This was not always the case, and I sincerely hope this trend is reversed during this vital time of global unrest.

Matthew Brett 
The Link Board of Directors, 2008-10
Managing Editor, Features Editor, 2007-08
Contributor, 2004-08

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