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BOMBARDIER's illegal train project in the Palestinian Occupied Territories

by Under The Olive Tree

BOMBARDIER's illegal train project in the Palestinian Occupied Territories

A closer look at Bombardier's new project in Israel that consists of providing 62 (possibly 94) trains to an illegal train route being built by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

In 2011, after a subsidiary of the German state-owned firm, Deutsche Bahn, withdrew from the A1 rail line, the former German transport minister, Peter Ramsauer, said: “this Israeli railway project which runs through occupied territory is problematic from a foreign policy standpoint and is potentially
against international law


This news segment is based on an article written by Dave Thomas for Briarpatch called "Bombardier in Israel. Acorporation’s complicity in Palestinian dispossession"


Bombardier is a Quebec company that is today one of the world’s largest global manufacturers of planes and trains. It employs almost 71 000 people in more than 28 countries. The Canadian state has played an important role in supporting of Bombardier. For example, over the years, the Canadian Government has invested $142 million in the company’s research and development.


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