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LIVESTREAM of blockade at Banque National by CUTV

part of an all-day protest against rising tuition fees

by CUTV Montreal

"Les irritants chimiques ont été utilisés."
"Les irritants chimiques ont été utilisés."

The head offices of the National Bank in downtown Montreal have been blockaded by striking students since approximately 7:30 this morning.  Non-stop live coverage is unfolding courtesy of Concordia University Television (CUTV), a member owned and operated campus/community TV and video production studio.


update at 9am

CUTV reported that the police forcefully dispersed the blockade after two dispersal warnings at 8:45 as chemical irritants were reported to be used by @SPVM and the footage showed riot police surrounding and hitting protestors with their batons.  At this point unfortunately the livestream cut-off due to technical problems while the viewer count had reached more than 200 viewers.  The reporting team signed off shortly after 9 am from Victoria Park where hourly marches are planned to launch from; CUTV will broadcast live again in the next few hours. 

See the broadcast of this mornings blockade of the Banque National


Watch the LIVESTREAM below:


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