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I am an independent researcher, writer, and traveler from Toronto, Canada. I have lived in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Ecuador, and have traveled extensively in Latin America.

The Politics of Culture. We try to analyze the ideology and political meaning embedded in popular films, videogames, music, news media, tv shows, etc. Expect everything from essays to protest videos.

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I have both a heart-beat and an overabundance of red hair dye. Most recently my creative work has been published in Side B Magazine as well as the Canadian edition of The Toucan. Currently, I am an editor at Media Matters Inc., and pursuing a bachelors degree in English at York University. I spend a lot of my time happily writing about art, politics and feminism.

The site for the Montreal local of The Media Co-op has been archived and will no longer be updated. Please visit the main Media Co-op website to learn more about the organization.