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WORKSHOP: Introduction To Tenants Rights: A Workshop

Social Justice Days 2011

Mercredi Mars 16 2011

Venue: Lev Bukhman, Shatner Building, 3rd Floor
Address: 3480 McTavish (Metro Peel)
Cost: gratuit/free

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WORKSHOP: Introduction To Tenants Rights: A Workshop

What good are tenants’ rights if we don’t assert them? This interactive workshop will familiarize participants with their rights as tenants, and explain possible tactics to defend these rights in tricky situations. We will discuss the basics (leases, renewal, etc.), as well as more problematic realities facing tenants, including gentrification and extreme rental board delays. To end, participants will explore community responses to housing concerns, and find out how to get involved in Montreal tenant activism.

Rachel Gotthilf hails from Winnipeg and is entering her third year at the McGill Faculty of Law. She is a volunteer advisor with Project Genesis, a community organization in Montreal, where she provides free legal information in the areas of housing, social assistance, child benefits, pensions, and healthcare.  Rachel enjoys gardening, vegan cooking, knitting, cycling, and playing her tuba.

K has been leaving and returning to Montreal since 2001. They have also been an advisor at Project Genesis, where they took great delight in learning about housing rights and how to calmly assert them. K coordinates a collective garden in Pointe Saint-Charles, and is most enthused about plants and libraries.


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