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A New York City People's Assembly is organizing an on the ground struggle to #OccupyWallStreet

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Sunday night livestream coverage from a general assembly taking place in Zuccoti Park, downtown Manhattan suggest that the occupiers need to fortify their numbers and decide on how and when to "take Wall Street."  The live feed is being viewed by 4500 people online as a tech team has managed to stream most of the many General Assemblies as well as an evening march towards the now cordoned financial distrcit.  Globally, supporters have been sending pizza in a show of solidarity which also appears to be in great need as the protesters are having logistical troubles.  (At the moment on the live-stream, they are discussing dumpster-diving more food.)  Another of their needs are sources of electricity.

(in between the live-stream there is earlier footage as well as other videos of interest)

There is also a lot of support being shown on social networking sites like twitter where people are concerned that the hashtag "#OccupyWallStreet" has been barred from trending and many have noted that corporate news organiztions have all but ignored the event.

More to come...


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