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Voices on Climate Justice III

Diana Bronson outlining the global environmental threat represented by geoengineering

by Stefan Christoff

Airplane dispensing stratospheric aerosols in atmosphere.
Airplane dispensing stratospheric aerosols in atmosphere.

Audio reports on struggles for environmental justice, produced for broadcast on campus/community radio stations globally, featuring voices from around the world engaged in front-line struggles for climate justice.

In this segment we will hear from Diana Bronson from the ETC Group (Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration), speaking on the growing global focus and environmental threat of geoengineering. Bronson focuses on growing corporate involvement in geoengineering projects to push ocean fertilization and chemical-driven modification to alter the upper layers of the atmosphere, stratospheric aerosols, as 'solutions' to climate change. In this interview Bronson highlights growing grassroots efforts internationally to establish an global, legally binding agreement to ban geoengineering in the lead-up to the Rio +20 conference taking place in Brazil, 2012.

For more information & critiques on geoengineering visit: |

Music in this report "Tiger Funk" by Moonstarr feat. LAL via Public Transit Records"

Voices on Climate Justice interview series was recorded at Cochabamba +1 environmental justice conference in Montreal and is produced by community organizer and journalist Stefan Christoff

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