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Theatre of the Oppressed in Montreal

A discussion with Michael Simkin and Aurore Fauret about the theatre, it's philosophy and the upcoming "funshop"

by Vanessa Vyvial

Theatre of the Oppressed in Montreal

Every Friday night for the past three months at Coop Sur Genereux a steady group of individuals have been meeting, mixing art and politics. Their objective has been to share and practice theatre techniques of theatre of the oppressed. Theatre of the Oppressed was developed in the 50s and 60s in Brazil. It moves beyond regular theatre, drawing in the audience member as spect-actor. CKUT's News Coordinator, Courtney Kirkby speaks to Michael Simkin, a facilitator of the group who has been working with this type of theatre for many years and Aurore Fauret, participant in Theatre of the Oppressed workshops at le Coop Sur Genereux. On Friday from 7-10pm, a "funshop" has been organized which will be a workshop using techniques from Forum Theatre and Image Thatre. The workshop will consist of exploring how these theatrical tools can be used and for what purpose, while trying to bring out its potential in instigating meaningful social change in our communities.

Aired on: Wednseday Morning After, December 12th. 7-9am.




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