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McGill Students' ECOLE Project Begins its Pilot Year

Three years after the idea was born, ECOLE now has a building to anchor its mission

by Micah Langer

As described on its website, "The ECOLE project aspires to be a space that facilitates a culture of sustainability at McGill University and its surrounding communities through research, teaching, experimentation, living practices, and collaboration with student and community groups." Three years after this initiative was born through the conversations and collaborations centred on the Alternative University project, ECOLE finally has a space and funding. David and Emily, two representatives from the project, came to explain where things are headed as this "pilot year" gets into full swing. They also mentioned ways people can participate in the group. This interview originally aired on CKUT's Tuesday Morning After, October 28th, 2014, during the live fundraiser broadcast from the Pikolo Espresso Bar.

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