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La Chorale du Peuple serenades CKUT

The activist choir from Occupy Montreal and the Quebec Spring perform songs and talk about their upcoming album release

by Vanessa Vyvial

La Chorale du Peuple serenades CKUT


La Chorale du Peuple (The People’s Choir) is an activist choir born out of the Occupy movement and the Quebec Spring. The movement began in October 2011 in the financial districts of hundreds of cities across the world, to denounce the corruption of democracy by financial powers. After being evicted from the People’s square (Square Victoria), Occupy Montreal and La Chorale du Peuple have continued their fight against neoliberalism in the Quebec student movement. On December 6th at 8pm at Alternatives, the Choir will be releasing their first album. The album, titled Quelques notes du Printemps erable (A few notes from the Maple Spring) features songs that people will recognize from the demonstrations during the past year. The choir consists of 15 talented singers and for the studio recording, three musicians were addded to interpret the songs. A Chorale du peuple perform a wide array of music from rock to folk, reggae, folk and gospel and the lyrics are often humurous with a message for more social justice, democracy and environmental awareness.

Aired on: Wednesday Morning After, December 5th, 7-9hr.



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