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Following up on the Marche des peuples pour la terre mere: Camp Line 9, and the 2014 Climate Justice Montreal Communique

Lily Schwartzbaum answers some questions about climate justice issues in Montreal and beyond

by Micah Langer

Lily Schwartzbaum joined the 700km march from Cacouna, QC to Kanehsa:tàke in Summer 2014. She also co-authored a communiqué for Climate Justice Montreal, outlining the group's perspective on the challenges a changing climate poses for Montrealers and people everywhere. She was part of our live broadcast from Pikolo Espresso bar for the 2014 CKUT Fundraiser. She answered my questions about how people are organizing to fight against Enbridge Line 9 and TransCanada Energy East as 2014 came to a close and both projects awaited judgment from government oversight panels.

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