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CKUT radio: Climate Justice focus programming on the Morning Afters

focus week of programming on environmental justice at 90.3fm

by CKUT radio

'Embracing the Velocity of Change' by Favianna Rodriguez via Just Seeds
'Embracing the Velocity of Change' by Favianna Rodriguez via Just Seeds

Monday August 8th - Friday August 12th
live on CKUT radio
7-9am live at 90.3fm in Montreal

CKUT radio presents a focus week of programming on environmental justice from August 8-12th broadcasting on the Morning After programs, Monday to Friday from 7-9am in Montreal.

Tune into this special week of programming on the growing grassroots movement in Quebec, Canada and internationally for climate justice, featuring artists, musicians and activists live on the airwaves. Gain insights from voices contributing to the global struggle against governmental inaction on climate change and for environmental justice.

CKUT presents this special week of programming at a critical time in Quebec. It is a contribution to the growing alarm toward state-driven industrial projects widely recognized to threaten the ecological health of Quebec's people and environment, from the market-driven Plan Nord recently announced by the unpopular Liberal government, to the struggle to stop shale gas exploration in Quebec that has sparked powerful grassroots mobilizations, and the ongoing struggles against industry-driven land expropriation of indigenous territories such as proposed mining projects in Kanesatake.

CKUT's Morning Afters, from Monday, August 8 through Friday, August 12, 7h-9h, bring you live in-studio interviews, sounds and voices from the field, cultural performances and musical selections to engage your mind and inspire your heart. Listen (90.3fm on your radio dial or and join in the critical struggle for environmental justice locally and internationally.

* CKUT is at -

* art work via Favianna Rodriguez via Just Seeds

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