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CKUT radio: Aziz Choudry on education and social movements.

interview on recent book Learning from the Ground Up.

by CKUT radio

CKUT radio: Aziz Choudry on education and social movements.

Listen to an interview with professor/activist Aziz Choudry on the recently published book Learning From the Ground Up, a collection of writings on the relationship between movements for social justice and education. This interview explores the importance for grassroots educational work that takes place within social movements in Canada and internationally while reflecting on the critical importance that social movements and revolutionary actions have had on the development of progressive theory.

In this interview we hear a critique on common notions of objectivity in the academy and a critique on the lack of exploration within academic institutions on the importance role of educational process within social movements.

In outlining the book the publishers offer the following words, "the dynamics, politics, and richness of knowledge production in social movements and social activist contexts are often overlooked. This book contends that some of the most radical critiques and understandings about dominant ideologies and power structures, and visions of social change, have emerged from those spaces. Written by authors working closely with diverse social movements, NGOs, and popular mobilizations in the Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean, it articulates and documents knowledge production, informal learning, and education work that takes place in everyday worlds of social activism. It highlights linkages between such knowledge(s) and praxis/action, and illustrates tensions over whose knowledge and voice(s) are heard."

* for more information on Learning from the Ground Up visit

* this interview was produced for CKUT radio's program All Things McGill by journalist & community organizer Stefan Christoff who is at

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