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Artists for Haiti III

feat. performances by Doc Filah direct from Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Paul Cargnello/Karma Atchykah duo.

by SolidAyiti

Artists for Haiti III

Thursday, Feb. 16th
Doors 21h (9pm) / $8
Les Bobards
4328 blvd St-Laurent
(corner Marie-Anne st.)
Montreal, QC

Join us for the third edition of Artists for Haiti, a collaboration with Social Justice Days organized by the Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill University. A special concert featuring celebrated Rap Kreyòl artist and activist Doc Filah direct from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

* Doc Filah

Doc Filah, born in 1976 as Pierre Harry Dumorney, is a celebrated voice in Haitian hip-hop, a politically sharp solo artist and member of the popular Rap Kreyòl ensemble Majik Click. Filah is a doctor specializing in veterinary medicine, a graduate from the University of Havana, Cuba.

Today, Filah works in Port-au-Prince while teaching at Universite Americaine des Sciences Modernes d'Haiti (UNASMOH).

A past UN consultant with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Filah has spoken out on the UN's role in a cholera epidemic that has killed thousands of people in Haiti. He has also criticized the international aid complex in Haiti for its lack of accountability to the Haitian people.

As a hip-hop artist Filah launched the celebrated track REVELASYON in 2004 in collaboration with the NGO Yele Ayiti. Filah has also collaborated with Haitian hip-hop artists Barikad Crew, Fantom, Lòlò, BIC and remains a key member of Majik Click.

* Paul Cargnello & Karma Atchykah duo

When Karma Atchykah and Paul Cargnello take to the stage two worlds collide: Punk-Rock & Hip-Hop. Keep your ears, hearts, and minds open because they will be pointing the next wave of revolutionary rock straight at you.

Whether the music he creates is soaked in reggae-roots or dipped in a Louisiana slow-cooker, singer-songwriter Paul Cargello delivers a sound that surprises and appeals with each offering. He has grown to become one of Montréal's favorite prolific troubadors. Known for his honest lyricism, his newest release Bras Coupé serves up another measure of conviction & political activism.

Karma Atchykah is one hard-working emcee, a conscious artist flipping boom bap colloquialisms in French and English, and a serious aficionado of soul music. You hear the influences of his Haitian neighbourhood on equal par with the neck-snap genius of Dilla. With numerous projects already released - The Jack Movement, The Notice and The Honest Truth EPs with producer / emcee Lotus, Karma Atchykah Presents The Burbs LP - he's only getting warmed up. In March 2010 Atchykah released Diasporama, including the hit 'Ghost Of You' a collaboration with James Di Salvio (Bran Van 3000), garnering attention across Montreal and Quebec.

* DJ Kobal

Montrealer Jerome Decis, aka DJ Kobal, is informed (read: obsessed) music lover. Kobal is the owner of the Afro Kats record label and is interested in all genres, but has a soft spot for funk. Throughout the years Kobal has held weekly residencies at numerous Montreal establishments such as Blizzarts, Billy Kun and Academy (to name a few). He also held down the popular 'Afrofunk' monthly parties with DJ Andy Williams. In the summer of
2009, DJ Kobal was given the task of warming up the stage for Stevie Wonder at the opening show of the 30th Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. Expect a special set filled with rare and classic kompa for this

Organized by the Solid'Ayiti collective in collaboration with the Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill University.

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