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Visionnement: "De la Servitude Moderne" // Film Screening: "De la Servitude Moderne"

- 10:00pm
Monday October 15 2012

Venue: La Belle Époque, Espace Social Anarchiste
Address: 1984 rue Wellington, Metro Charlevoix
Cost: Free
Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible

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Visionnement: "De la Servitude Moderne"

Documentaire de Victor León Fuentes à partir d'un livre de Jean-François
Brient dénonçant la condition d’esclave de l’homme moderne. Le film
explore le monde contemporain comme un totalitarisme marchand.(52 minutes)


Film Screening: "De la Servitude Moderne"

Documentary by Victor Leon Fuentes based on a book by Jean-Francois Brient
denouncing the enslaved condition of modern man. Explores the contemporary
world as a capitalist dictatorship. (52 minutes)

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