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Howl! V Seth Tobocman. Marathon. Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble

- 11:55pm
Friday April 6 2012

Venue: La Plante
Cost: 10-12$
Accessibility: not wheelchair accessible

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featuring New York City street artist Seth Tobocman, writer Eric Laursen!

Friday, April, 6, 2012
doors 8pm
La Plante, 
$10 in advance | $12 at door
Montreal, Quebec

Join us for the fifth edition of Howl! (facebook event) featuring NYC artist Seth Tobocman for the Montreal launch of “Understanding the Crash”, co-authored with activist/writer Eric Laursen. Also joining this concert is Montreal ensemble Marathon!

Published by Soft Skull Press in NYC, Understanding the Crash is a striking graphic book that explores a key contemporary question, what has happened to the world economy? With the kind of striking precision that only graphic nonfiction can provide, the book explores just how we got into this mess—and how we can get out of it.

“Understanding the Crash” outlines the roots of our current economic crisis, revealing how the troubles of a working-class community in Cleveland or a newly built suburb of Miami became an international financial crisis. It then shows how poor and middle-class people have fought back and how the financial system could be restructured to serve their needs, not corporate greed. Most importantly the book is an artistic call to action, both an educational tool and a beautiful representation of the grassroots rage against economic injustice that sparked Occupy Wall Street, a protest action that both authors were directly involved with on the New York City streets.



Marathon is a quartet of very fine musicians bringing to life the strange and wonderful compositions of saxophonist Adam Kinner. Focusing on collectivity, they make tangible textures and feelings in their music – deep, dark and hopeful. Since 2008, been seen by audiences from Montreal to Oakland, and have presented music alongside Tune-Yards, the Barr Brothers and THOMAS. The group consists of drummer Philippe Melanson, guitarist Gabriel Lambert, and bassist Martin Heslop.

Seth Tobocman

Seth Tobocman is a celebrated street artist from New York City bringing an artistic voice to social justice struggles for decades. From co-founding World War Three Illustrated, to direct involvement in the infamous squatter movement in NYC Lower East Side, to drawing banners and placards for street protests from the convergence against the World Bank in 2000 to Occupy Wall Street in 2011, Tobocman is an artistic symbol of anti-capitalist, social justice struggles in North America and globally. Tobocman is the author of numerous books, including You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive, Disaster and Resistance, Portraits of Israelis and Palestinians and War in the Neighborhood.

Eric Laursen

Eric Laursen is an independent journalist, activist, and anarchist writer and organizer living in Massachusetts. He has been engaged in campaigns for economic justice and against militarism for many years. As a writer, he specializes in covering political, economic, financial, and cultural issues from a non-authoritarian left perspective. His work has appeared in The Nation, The Village Voice, Practical Anarchy, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, Institutional Investor, CFO, and The Indypendent.

Howl! arts collective aims to build bridges between struggles for social justice and the arts. Howl! aims to highlight artists rooted in Montreal’s fiercely creative independent arts community via cultural events while organizing projects and creating spaces that express a culture of resistance to capitalism and injustice at home and abroad.

Howl! arts collective
@howlarts |

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