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Occupy Spain: Massive Protests in Spain Against Austerity

Interview with Miguel Prados Rodriguez, from Coordinadora 25S

by CKUT News Collective

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Occupy Spain: Massive Protests in Spain Against Austerity

Over the last few days in Spain there were massive rallies against austerity. Thousands gathered in Madrid and other cities to protest against the government. The main critique: the goverment's handling of the deep economical crisis the country is facing. In the capital city the aim of the 'Indignants', or 'Indignados' in Spanish, was to surround parliament. On the first day of the demonstrations, the 25th of September, there were heavy clashes with the police, who reportedly fired rubber bullets against the demonstrants. That day ended up with more than 60 injured and 38 arrests.

On September 29th, the movement went back to the streets, tens of thousands marched peacefully in Madrid to the parliament building once again. As international media reported, the police intervened just before midnight to disperse those who wanted to stay late, because no permission had been obtained from the authorities.

Last Friday, September 28th, the day before the last big rally, we interviewed Miguel Prados Rodriguez, a member of Coordinadora 25S. Coordinadora 25S is one of the largest groups behind the protest. 


Aired on: Friday's Off the Hour, on September 28th, 17-18h.

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Topics: Governance

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