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Taking bike safety in Montreal past "temporary measures"

Bike activist Gabrielle Anctil talks to CKUT about the current state of cycling safety in Montreal

by Una Jefferson (CKUT)

Taking bike safety in Montreal past "temporary measures"

Following the recent death of cyclist Mathilde Blais, the city of Montreal has begun to act to improve cycling safety at underpasses. This involved painting and putting up signs at underpasses to direct cyclists to ride on the sidewalk. However, Gabrielle Anctil, a bicycle activist in Montreal, sees these measures as being only temporary solutions. Anctil organized the placing of a ghost bike to commemorate Blais' life on May 5 at the underpass where she died. She talks to CKUT about the state of bike safety in the city of Montreal, and what needs to be done to make sharing the road a safer proposition in the long run. 

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