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F1 Demonstrations in Pictures

by Neal Rockwell

Photographs of the multiple demonstrations that took place on June 7th as part of the ongoing Quebec students strike. These events were timed to coincide with the opening of the Montreal F1. The first demonstration was targeted at a very expensive "charity" cocktail / lavish VIP opening party held in Griffontown. The demonstrators were quickly kettled by the riot squad. The provincial police were also on hand to keep the cocktail-goers safe. After being released from the kettle this demonstration made its way to Crescent Street and downtown. At the same time a nude demonstration was also getting under way in the down town area. Eventually these demonstrations merged with the daily night march. At one point the march stormed the gate to the Francofolies festival, as well as came into conflict with the police on several occasions. Demonstrators and bystanders were teargassed on St-Catherine St. The general atmosphere was festive and somewhat hallucinatory.

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Zach Ruiter's picture

Another great photoset from

Another great photoset from Neal Rockwell, I loved the frowns on th faces of the men who looked like the are either the 1% or hoped they were

neal rockwell's picture

Thanks very much for your

Thanks very much for your kind words. I found it very humorous that after photographing the first frowning man, he muttered in a very disgruntled tone: "this F1 is finished."

Zach Ruiter's picture

we mentioned your work in our

we mentioned your work in our first experimental newscast....

here is a thought.... I do doumentary films and shit but I think the future is graphic news narrative that is coherent and consistent....

Megan Kinch and I are undertaking to put out the 99, the TMC broad sheet... I would love it if you were to select a small gallery of photos and add captions to them and almost put them into a graphic news comic strip....

are you up for it?



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