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Montreal, Quebec

Tune-in 11-12h: CKUT News is live from Concordia to Broadcast Perspectives on Striking Students

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Jeudi Novembre 10 2011

Venue: Reggies Terrace
Address: Maisonneuve and MacKay
Accessibility: yes

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Tune-in 11-12h: CKUT News is live from Concordia to Broadcast Perspectives
on Striking Students

Location: Reggies terrace, MacKay & Maisonneuve
Tune-in: 90.3FM or
Time: 11-12h
Date: November 10

CKUT's Community News Collective brings you a special live broadcast on
Concordia Campus at Reggie's terrace where students are preparing for the
student strike and tuition protest. This is part of the lead up activities
to students and allies who will gather at 2pm at Place Émilie-Gamelin,
Montreal. (Berri-UQAM subway station).

On March 17, 2011, the Charest government presented a controversial
provincial budget containing a hike in tuition fees; a total of a $1,625
increase over the next five years in $325 yearly increments. This
increase, combined with the previous increase of $500 over the last five
years (between 2007 and 2012), constitutes an increase in fees of 127% on
your student tuition bill, more than doubling tuition fees by 2017.

Students across Quebec refuse to accept tuition increases proposed by the
Charest government, citing accessibility to education and the burden of
debt on students. This protest has been organized and endorsed by students
groups across the province.

From 11-12h on November 10th, we'll be speaking with organizers and
students at Reggie's Terrace. Listen on CKUT 90.3FM, or
come by and join us in person.

ckut 90.3 fm
514.448.4041 x6788

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Topics: Education

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