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Headless Anarchopanda Will Be Capitalism’s Worst Nightmare!

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Image from Duguay
Image from Duguay

Montréal police may think they’ve weakened the beloved revolutionary bear by confiscating his head as “evidence” under municipal bylaw P6, but they will soon find that an angry headless mascot is more dangerous than a cuddly hug-bestowing one.


Anarchopanda, like the Québec anti-capitalist movement for which he is the mascot, cannot be defeated by decapitation. Removing Anarchopanda’s head may make him less cute and cuddly, but it will not dissuade the people that love him from fighting for free education and social justice.


Even more than recent mass arrests of harmless protestors and bystanders, the hasty amputation was a clumsy move on the part of the SPVM.


In the wake of mass arrest of 294 people, Sergeant Jean-Bruno Latour, a spokesperson for the SPVM, made the breathtakingly ignorant statement that citizens have “no right to protest.”


No right to protest and now no right to loveable panda bears (except Harper’s Petro-Pandas™ in the Toronto Zoo). While the 1% have a right to massive profits and offshore tax shelters, it seems that the only right the rest of us have is the right to be gauged by austerity measures.


Something tells me that Anarchopanda will not be the only one losing his head in the near future.


David Bernans is a Québec-based writer and translator. He is the author of Collateral Murder. Follow him on twitter @dbernans.

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