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Student Protests in Sudan

an Interview with Girifna co-founder Nagi Musa

by David Widgington


On June 24, 2012, David Widgington spoke with Sudanese activist and co-founder of Girifna, Nagi Musa, from his temporary location in Cairo about the student demonstrations and violent repression that are currently taking place in Khartoum and elsewhere in Sudan.

Nagi spoke about the founding of Girifna during Sudan’s election campaign in 2009, its evolution during South Sudan’s referendum and separation period and Sudan’s current upheaval that started when students began protesting against the fee increases for student housing that has expanded into a larger upheaval related to austerity measures and the soaring inflation rates, among other issues. Nagi implores people to always work toward the improvement of society with regards to social justice, human rights issues, etc.

In relation to student movements worldwide and their important role in initiating active social change, Nagi says, “In Sudan and worldwide, students are always in front. They are more active. They are more courageous to stand up for their rights. They are more connected and organized.”

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