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GroundWire, Mar. 27

Mass Arrest in Montreal | Ramping Up Mandatory Minimums for Marijuana | Nuclear Nightmare Impacts Ontario | Ability from All Angles | Vancouver Island Faculty Striking

by Tom Shannon (CKUT)Stephane Bertrand (CKUT)Scott LaLonde (CKUT)Ray Corkum (CKUT)Dylan Perry (CHLY)Christian (CKUT)Cameron Wells (CJAM)

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Obama's Special Advisor, Judith E. Heumann, addressed Montreal on the need for unilateral policies regarding the rights people living with disAbilities.

GroundWire follows the Darlington, Ontario debate surrounding the safety of Nuclear Energy as plans move forward for construction of new reactors.


The Avalanche Collective, focused on DisAbility culture and issues, brings us a look back at the panel, featuring Marie Brough of Equal Access Montreal, Tara Flannagan of McGill University and Tanya Turnowski of the University of Toronto.

Can music be more accessible to audiences that are hard of hearing and even deaf? Sean Forbes, Deaf rapper, believes so. Cameron Wells from CJAM in Windsor and host of the program Handilink finds out more from Forbes.

In Montreal, over 250 people we arrested at the 15th Annual Demonstration Against Police Brutality.

Bill S10, a proposed amendment to the controlled drug and substances act, would see mandatory minimum sentencing put into effect for a variety of drug related offenses, including possession of marijuana plants.


Live recordings from the Artists Against Apartheid concert, part of Israeli Apartheid Week in Montreal.

Hosts: CKUT Montreal - Ray Corkum, Coline Gentilleau, Dominique Morton


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