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Bassey: Delegates must not pass a "death sentence on Africa"

by Tim McSorley

Bassey: Delegates must not pass a "death sentence on Africa"

Niimmo Bassey, Nigerian poet, Chair of Friends of the Earth International, at the Climate Jusitce Now! press conference on Friday, Dec. 9:

"Real test is whether at the end of the day the delegates and politicians will pass a death sentence on Africa. Real test will be whether these delegates will show that they have blood in their veins, or if they care about the starving children, the devastation across the continent, and across small island states and other vulnerable places in the world.


"Finding a solution to golbal warming does not require rocket science. The peoples of this world met last year in April in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and came away with a very clear, simple, strategic document, the People's Agreement. The blueprint to fighting global warming is right in that document.


"We can't afford to pretend nothing is going on while the world is burning We cannot allow Africa to be killed. We are asking that everyone in the halls, all those in the rooms, should know that that hat they are doing, the delays are nothing short of crimes, and this cannot be tolerated."

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