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Richard St. Pierre Arrested/Arrêté

by Megan Kinch

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Richard St-Pierre is an organizer with the South Central Neighbourhohood Assembly in Montreal.  He was arrested on his way to a new neighbourhood assembly in Laval. He was simply walking down the street. Two SPVM bike police were harrassing some homeless looking men, and Richard yelling in solidarity with the men, "SPVM force politique" [Montreal police are political police], and just continued to walk on. The police biked up and pulled him over 2 minutes later, and said they were arresting him, and that it was illegal to yell in the street.  They looked like they were giving him a ticket, but when he said his name was Richard St-Pierre they started to arrest him.

[update: Richard has now been released.]

Richard St. Pierre est un organisateur avec l'assemble du quartier centre sud de Montreal.  Il etait arrete en train d'aller à un assemble nouveau a Laval.


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