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George Horton, Living as a G20 Defendant - A ten-minute online documentary

by Zach Ruiter

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George Horton, Living as a G20 Defendant

A ten-minute online documentary presentation

A documentary short by Zach Ruiter and Misha Synder

George Horton’s Toronto G20 Summit trial was set to conclude on February 14th 2012 but it has been held over to May 16th 2012.  Horton plead to three counts of Attempted Mischief and is still on trial for assault, intimidation, and obstruct a police officer involving cruiser number 766.  Horton was arrested in Peterborough Ontario on September 28th 2010 and delivered to the G20 investigation team and then spent one week incarcerated in Toronto West Detention Centre.  George’s case has been on going for approximately sixteen months.  This online-documentary was filmed in Peterborough Ontario on February 5th 2012 at a local café, and the apartment Horton shares with his partner Jennifer, their dog Kasey, a cat, and a rabbit.

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