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Enbridge Line 9 Energy Board Info Night

by Etudiant Militant Productions

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From Étudiant Militant:

This was the first National Energy Board info night in Montreal, last Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013, regarding the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline reversal and pressure increase. Line 9 runs from Sarnia Ontario to Montreal Quebec. The evening was meant to explain the Harper government's new "streamlined" environmental review process. Instead of a presentation and question period participants were forced to ask NEB representatives questions in small groups. 

The message was clear; you are not welcome to participate in the hearings unless you are, in their opinion, "directly affected" by the project. They rely exclusively on industry provided safety reports, and the NEB board of directors is made up of former oil industry employees.

Shame on the NEB, shame on the savage oil capitalists, shame on the Harper Government for giving them unrestricted access to our environment, our resources, and to our public institutions. 


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Topics: Environment
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Who was asking the questions to the NEB spokespersons (the guy and the woman)? Is it a journalist, citizen, or what?

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