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Liberté pour Abdullah Öcalan !

by Un participant de Solidarité Rojava Montreal

Liberté pour Abdullah Öcalan !
Liberté pour Abdullah Öcalan !
Liberté pour Abdullah Öcalan !

Liberté pour Abdullah Öcalan ! Lundi 15 février 2016, à l'occasion du révoltant 17e anniversaire de son arrestation, véritable acte de guerre contre la libération du peuple kurde et de leurs allié.e.s, un groupe de gens se sont regroupé à soi-disant «Ottawa» devant l'ambassade de Turquie pour demander sa libération.

There is the communique of that action


9 Şubat 2016

End the Turkish Government and ISIS’s War Against the Kurds
A century ago, the Sykes-Picot agreement of 16 May 1916 was signed between UK and France with the assent of Russia, setting the boundaries of the nations in the Middle East. Contrary to the will of the Kurdish people, Kurdistan as a nation was erased from the map and the Kurdish people were divided into four between Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Since then, the fundamental rights of the Kurds have been infringed upon and their existence has often been denied.
The PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and its leader Mr. Abdullah Öcalan became the focal point for resisting Kurds from 1978. Today, the PKK is the liberation movement for the Kurds built under the inspiring leadership of Öcalan. It is the Kurds who follow Öcalan who are best at defending people’s lives, democracy and humanitarian values against the attacks of ISIS. They have demonstrated this by their success in fighting the fascism of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
The Kurdish people’s leader has been incarcerated and tortured for 18 years
On 15 February 1999, Öcalan was abducted by Turkey in collusion with Western states. At this moment, the Turkish state is intensifying conditions of solitary confinement against the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan. Nine months ago, Erdogan terminated the peace process negotiations with Öcalan, enforced complete isolation of Öcalan, and launched a new war against the Kurdish people.

Statements by Turkish President Erdogan such as: “He (Öcalan) will not be freed while I’m around”, “Either the Presidency, or chaos” and “A Presidency like that of Hitler’s” all signal a new strategy against Öcalan and the Kurdish people. He is now conducting massacres in full view of the international community against the innocent Kurdish civilians, activists fighting for democracy and the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

Turkey is continuing its repression of the Kurdish people through the new ‘annihilation plan’
From the 24th of July, 2015, the Turkish state has launched a dirty war against civilians in Kurdish cities and neighbourhoods. In the last 6 months, state security forces have killed 460 civilians in the country, most of them in Kurdistan. 84 of these were children and 79 were women. 300,000 civilians have been forcefully displaced. Kurdish towns such as Cizre, Sur and Silopi have been destroyed by Tanks, heavy artilleries and helicopters. Curfews have been enforces as the Turkish army embeds in cities and towns. Approximately 1.5 million people have been affected by this violence. The Turkish state is committing horrific atrocities comparable to those committed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Shamefully, the Turkish government (AKP) has named this strategy “the annihilation plan”. This plan was actually launched on the 5th of April 2015 when the total isolation of Öcalan began. This war, which defies all international laws and norms, is a massacre aimed at destroying the struggle of the Kurdish people. The “annihilation plan” is targeting all those struggling for democracy and critical of Erdogan.


• The Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom and democracy represents humanity as opposed to the barbarism of the AKP/ISIS.
• The freedom of the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan is the first step for peace and a solution to the Kurdish question.
• We call upon all international community to uphold international law and humanitarian values by demanding the release of Abdullah Öcalan, the lifting of siege of Kurdish cities, the cessation of military operations to protect the life and security of civilians.

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