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by Mohawk Traditional Council


The Mohawk People stand united with our sisters and brothers within the Innu and Inuit Nations in defense against the Quebec Governments assault on our Mother Earth, through their “Plan Nord” which will cause the further destruction of the land, lakes, rivers, people and all life within the affected territories including the self-identified Quebecois people.


The Quebec people have no grounds to be separate from the British Imperial Crown via Canada as long as they continue to conduct themselves in the exact same sub human, disrespectful manner towards our Mother Earth as the rest of their insane world, which imperialism has created.


Around the world there is resistance to the incumbent regime’s that have been dysfunctional for millennia’s, being male dominant, oppressing, raping and murdering women and by extension destroying our Mother Earth.


Such destruction has led to the deterioration of the Northern ice shelf, the melting of the permafrost and the soon to be extinct polar bear etc… not to mention the forced identity theft of all Northern Peoples systematically coercing them into joining such insanity through the defacto regimes of the British imposed elected Indian act band council systems.  Such abominations as the elected Indian act band councils have made the illegal deals for the “Plan Nord” with the Quebec government out of greed and corruption and in no way represent the true spirit of their people.


Knowing the destruction that the non-native society has caused to the delicate eco system of our Mother Earth, terra-forming the far North, it would be absolute insanity for us to bring further destruction quite simply due to compliance of fake Native people within the band councils and accessibility as a result of rise in temperature which you have caused.  Such inhuman behavior will have worldwide devastating consequences which all people of the Earth will suffer.


So we call upon all peoples of the Earth to fight for your humanity, to conduct yourselves as humans once again and stop the insanity of the Quebec government’s “Plan Nord” and all government’s insensate assault on the far North which will surely kill our Mother Earth.


Do not be fooled by the shameful, deceitful campaign by companies such as Coca Cola who are claiming to defend the polar bear when their corporate conduct around the world is actually killing them.


We call upon your humanity, resist the oppression and fight the destruction. Stop Quebec’s “Plan Nord”.


In Peace and Friendship,



      Secretary,  Stuart Myiow

 Mohawk Traditional Council

Box 531 Kahnawake

        Mohawk Territory

    J0L 1B0


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