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Occupy Toronto: Red Alert Injunction Denied

by Toronto Media Co-op



The Toronto Media Coop Recived this Bulletin at 9:53 am on Monday Nov 22nd.

Occupy Toronto: Red Alert Injunction Denied

To all allies and supporters

please put networks on notice that injunction is denied and to begin mobilizing people. lawyer is doing outreach to city to find out intentions.

updates will come soon. 

The Following was Recived at 10:46 am from OCAP

The Judge has ruled to allow the eviction of St. James Park, and this


could happen anytime today; It is important that people go down there to
support them. Below is the communique from the Park.

AND ALSO! Court Support for G20 'Conspiracy' Defendants is needed
tomorrow, plus attendance at the rally and march starting from St. James
Park, info below...

Defend Occupy Toronto! The court has ruled that the eviction stands,
effective immediately. Lawyers are trying to get a timeline for when the
actual eviction is happening.

In the meantime, come to the park immediately if you have the time, or if
you cannot, then wait for more news and come down when the action is about
to start!

Remember that our goal is to be non-violent! But we're not going without a
fight. What that means is that we need to pack the park with people so
that it becomes really hard to evict us!





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