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Montrealers to hold emergency rally this afternoon to show support for today's direct action in Toronto against Enbridge's Line 9

by Anti-Colonial Solidarity Collective

Media Advisory – For Immediate Release

Montrealers to hold emergency rally this afternoon to show support for today's direct action in Toronto against Enbridge's Line 9

WHAT: Gathering in solidarity with today's direct action against Line 9 in Toronto: #lockdownline9
WHEN: TODAY, Tues. Dec. 3, at 1pm
WHERE: Square Victoria

Dec. 3 2013/Montreal--Montrealers are being called to show their solidarity with this morning's action in Toronto against Enbridge's Line 9 reversal plan by coming out to Square Victoria at 1pm today.

The reversal of Line 9 will allow the oil company to bring tar sands bitumen from Alberta to Montreal. Not only would this allow the ever increasing environmental impact of the tar sands to continue to grow, it would also further the ongoing genocide against Indigenous peoples across this land, from Fort Chipewyan in northern Alberta, to Aamjiwnaang in southern Ontario's Chemical Valley, to Kanehsatà:ke and other Indigenous communities through whose land the pipeline will run and whose drinking water and air will be contaminated.

“The continued expansion of the tar sands, helped along by the reversal of Line 9, should concern us all. It is destroying our land, our air, our water, for the profit of the few,” said Cleve Higgins, who will be attending today's rally. “Not only that, but it is primarily affecting Indigenous people's on whose stolen land this country is built and who continue to face the ongoing impacts of colonialism.”

While in Toronto people are putting their bodies on the line to show their opposition to Line 9, the Quebec government is holding a parliamentary commission not on whether to approve the project, but exactly how it will come about. The gathering in Square Victoria will take place just a few feet from the office of the Ministre déléguée à la Politique industrielle et à la Banque de développement économique du Québec, Élaine Zakaïb, who, along with the Ministre du Développement durable, de l’Environnement, de la Faune et des Parcs, Yves-François Blanchet, is organizing the commission.

“We denounce the fact that the Quebec government sees the Line 9 reversal as a done deal. We reject that this is an 'economic decision' as Environment Minister Blanchet has described it. This is a decision about respect for life and future generations. The only answer that is acceptable is to shut down Line 9," said Chris Tremblay, who will also be participating in today's demonstration.

Today's gathering is calling for the complete rejection Enbridge's proposal to reverse Line 9, for the decommissioning of Line 9 in its entirety, and for an end to the exploitation of the Alberta Tar Sands.

If we don't see these actions take place, we hope all Montrealers will continue to join us in the streets to do all that we can to stop tar sands oil from coming to this land.



Cleve Higgins (English): 514-316-6682
Chris Tremblay (French): 514-561-9919

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