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Kijiji Targeted by Animal Protectors

by SPA Canada

Kijiji Targeted by Animal Protectors
Kijiji Targeted by Animal Protectors

For immediate release

Montreal October 19, 2013 - In the hopes of stopping the Kijiji web site from selling dogs bead in puppy mills, SPA Canada invites the media to take part in a pungent mise en scène involving, amongst other things, pregnant women in dog cages to simulate what dogs experience in puppy mills. This stunt is presented in collaboration with the French artist Maxime Ginolin, on visit in Quebec, and this character MagicJack.

The live event will take place Monday, October 21st, at 12:00 pm on the North-West corner of Ste-Catherine and McGill College in downtown Montreal.

"We wish to raise the public's awareness regarding the inhumane conditions in which these captive puppy mill animals live," explains Gabriel Villeneuve, SPA Canada director, "and we hope this mise en scène will make the population react." Artist Maxime Ginolin is known in France for his spectacular animal welfare actions.

By the same occasion, SPA Canada is launching the web site which reveals the horrors these animals are exposed to on a daily basis behind puppy mill doors, all around Canada. "Behind this cute little puppy are thousands of breeding dogs living in despicable conditions" explains Gabriel Villeneuve.

In 2012, the government of Quebec adopted a new legislation requiring housing and healthcare standards for cats and dogs "but, in practice, this changes very little to nothing for the animals' welfare" explains Gabriel Villeneuve.

With all the power invested in us, the SPA Canada will continue to fight to stop the sale of animals on the Internet, in pet shops, and render illegal all puppy mills.

SPA Canada will be happy to grant media interviews.

For further information, please contact:
Gabriel Villeneuve
Campaign Director
514 808-7330 or

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