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Charkaoui, supporters outraged by specious attack

by Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui

Montreal, 9 May 2013 - The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui rejects the utterly unfounded and demonstrably false allegations against Mr. Charkaoui parroted by Radio Canada, La Presse and McLean's starting on 7 May 2013. The Coalition, which has worked alongside Mr. Charkaoui for almost ten years, denounces the disgusting tactics of defamation as well as the role played by an uncritical and uninformed media.     

"These kind of unfounded and unproven allegations that CSIS continues to spread in the media against me only motivate me all the more to fight in the courts and all other fora." said Mr. Charkaoui
"I am not surprised at this new slander campaign; the Canadian government habituated us to this kind of thing during the almost 6 years of secret trial process. But today, before the Superior Court of Quebec, all unfounded allegations are only an additional proof of abuse," added Mr. Charkaoui.    
"This has everything to do with the fact that Adil is seeking accountability through a lawsuit and nothing whatsoever to do with public safety. It is completely contrary to our interests as a community to create this kind of fear, spread falsehoods, whip up Islamophobic hysteria, and inhibit use of a healthy mechanism of accountability - in fact, a lawsuit was the sole recourse available to Adil after the government refused to apologize or offer reparations for wrongfully imprisoning him, keeping him under house arrest for six years and repeatedly attacking his reputation." said Mary Foster, from the Justice for Adil Charkaoui Coalition.     
"Don't forget that in 2009 the Federal Court threw out the security certificate against Adil for lack of evidence: the security certificate regime, which is part of immigration law, shares that system's abysmally low standards, so lack of evidence in that context means that they had nothing whatsoever against him. Adil was never criminally charged with any of this stuff. We all know that standards of proof in criminal cases, and particularly terrorism cases, are exceedingly low. So how can anyone - even the most determined Islamophobe - take these 11-year old, extremely vague and unconvincing allegations in anyway seriously. It is of huge concern that Radio Canada and La Presse were willing to run with this story." added Foster. 
"This is the third or fourth time that Canadian media has gone on a runaway stampede sparked by leaks of dubious secret documents and unsubstantiated allegations against Mr. Charkaoui. This is not a question of freedom of expression, it is a question of intelligent and responsible journalism: the media cannot allow itself to be manipulated by political authorities." said Foster. 

Mr. Charkaoui is considering further legal action to put an end to such recurring attacks on his well-being and that of his family.   

Contact: 514 222 0205
Coalition Justice pour Adil Charkaoui
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