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Manifestation Montreal June 08 - Walking with the police

by Manif Montreal

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Manifestation in solidarity with Bahrain against the Formula One - Montreal, June 08 2012, 6pm.

The police, literally, outnumbered the demonstrators who were barely 50. The cops on the other hand, were easily around a 100, if not more. You would think they're the ones manifesting.

After stopping us twice from heading north toward St- Catherine (too close to the F1), the police declared the manifestation illegal and forced us to walk on the sidewalk.

From that moment on, the situation turned into a joke. The police basically walked with us on the sidewalk for more than 20 minutes until we got to the Berri-Uqam station. They said it's to protect us (not sure from what. personally i wasn't aware i was in danger)

Next time i suggest they hold our hands while crossing the streets, we can never be too safe

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