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Avril 12, 2011

What Montreal stories should be covered (April/May 2011)?

Montreal Stories

What events or stories should be covered in Montreal in February and March 2011?


Portrait de Tim McSorley

Plan Nord

From Yuseph:
Just curious to see the counterspin.
The Plan Nord: let’s ensure this ambitious project
contributes to the prosperity of Montreal

Plan Nord: 80 milliards d'investissements publics et privés sur 25 ans

Earth Day screening of documentary Ghost Bird

Hello Montreal Media Coop,

My name is Moheb Soliman; I'm a writer and performer here in Montreal. With the artist collective Studio Migration, I'm hosting a special Earth Day screening of the critically-acclaimed documentary Ghost Bird, which deals with the mysterious status of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker and one town's interests in reviving it. It's an indie doc that probably won't be found in Montreal again, so we'd love to draw a really diverse audience.

It would be great if you could please post our info on any relevant virtual spaces and circulate to others.

The theme of the evening is "three acts that navigate the collisions between human and natural worlds," and will feature performed poems by myself about the Great Lakes, and songs by a phenomenal and rising Montreal musician by the name of Goose. It promises to be a unique, inter-disciplinary, and environmentally-conscious event and we'd love to have all sorts of people attend and raise awareness of where the arts and environmentalism meet.

More information, links, and images are in the attached press release.
Thanks for your time and hope to see you there~




Earth Day screening of ‘eco-noir’ documentary Ghost Bird on April 22nd at OFF
Interarts, with music by Goose and poetry performance by a Midwest reader

For Earth Day, the artist collective Studio Migration presents three acts that navigate
the collisions between human and natural worlds: a Midwest reader; Goose; and
a screening of Ghost Bird – the new "eco-noir" documentary film by Scott Crocker
investigating the mystery of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. April 22 8pm, OFF Interarts.

WHAT: Ghost Bird screening, music by Goose, performed poems by a Midwest reader

WHEN: Friday, April 22nd - doors 8pm, program 9pm

WHERE: OFF Interarts - 5145 St. Laurent (Metro Laurier)

PRICE: $9 suggested donation

Local piano-folk quintet combines vocals harmonies with accordion and cello to evoke
what birds and whales have in common.

a Midwest reader
Writer/performance artist Moheb Soliman presents imagistic experimental work about
circumnavigating the Great Lakes by land and writing.

This acclaimed documentary explores the strange rediscovery of the Ivory-billed
Woodpecker, believed extinct for over half a century. In 2005, scientists announced
that the bird was still flying in the swamps of Eastern Arkansas, leading the nation’s
80 million birders to celebrate the woodpecker’s miraculous second-coming. The
residents of nearby Brinkley, Arkansas also flew at the chance to capitalize on this
fledgling eco-tourism, hoping for a resurrection of their own.

Set in a murky swamp overrun with birders, scientists, and reporters, Ghost Bird
explores the limits of certainty, the obsessive power of hope, and how one phantom
giant woodpecker changed a sleepy Southern town forever.

This thrilling eco-noir investigates the strange but true story of a small town in
Arkansas overrun by a nation of birders all searching for the Holy Grail with wings
- the Ivory-billed woodpecker.  Presumed extinct for over half a century, the giant
bird was seen flying through nearby swamps by scientists who finally announced its
rediscovery in 2005.

Despite the largest recovery effort in history, the Ivory-bill remains as elusive as
ever.  This witty, intelligent documentary brings the Ivory-bill's rediscovery into focus,

revealing our uneasy relationship with nature and the increasing uncertainty of our
place within it.

Ghost Bird features an official soundtrack with music by The Pixies, The Black Keys,

Under Byen, Hazmat Modine, Sonny Terry, The Black Heart Procession, and an original
score by Canadian avant-cellist, Zoë Keating.

Directed by Scott Crocker, 2009 / 85 min documentary / Small Change Productions

The New York Times said, “Crocker has turned a bird-watching tale into a multi-
layered story that will fascinate practically everybody in Ghost Bird, a witty, wistful

The Wall Street Journal writes, “By turns witty and metaphysical, “Ghost Bird” evokes
the offbeat Americana of Errol Morris’s “Vernon, Florida,” while examining the nature
of belief and the blurry margins of fact.”

Critic's Pick, New York Magazine exclaims, “This spellbinding documentary takes
a small item from recent history…and turns it into a cosmic lament for the forest
primeval and man’s search for environmental redemption.”

Electronic Press Kit:

Portrait de Tim McSorley

Le jeudi 5 mai: les groupes communautaires organisent une marche

5 bonnes raisons d'être là le Jeudi 5 mai à la manifestation citoyenne

Parce que j'en ai assez  de voir la direction du CSSS Jeanne-Mance:


  1. 1. nier que les compressions en CHSLD et en CLSC font mal aux services aux résidents et à la population;
  2. 2. exploiter mon silence et mon absence pour affirmer que la majorité endosse le plan de redressement budgétaire;
  3. 3. mettre à mal la liberté d'expression des membres de son personnel qui osent témoigner;
  4. 4. aller jusqu'à mettre en doute la bonne foi et l'intégrité de pab et du syndicat pour masquer l'effet des coupes;
  5. 5. endosser le nivellement vers le bas de nos services et le supposé manque de productivité de nos équipes de travail.

Rassemblement 16h  au métro Mont-Royal

Le 5 mai, je sors de l'ombre et j'affiche mes couleurs
Le 5 mai, je marche avec les organisations populaires

La manifestation sera suivi d'un 5@7 sous chapiteau!

Portrait de Tim McSorley

DÉGAGE, TREMBLAY ! – lancement du blogue

New Montreal residents' campaign and blog calling on the resignation of Mayor Tremblay

Portrait de Tim McSorley

* Reflections on Uprisings: Tunisia to Egypt

Event to cover next Wednesday, April 27th: (from Tadamon)

* Reflections on Uprisings: Tunisia to Egypt

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