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posted by CKUT News in on août 30, 2011 - View profile

Montreal, QC and online:

CKUT & Collective for Syria present 6 Hours Focus Broadcasting

SYRIA UPRISING RADIO: 7-9h, 11-14h & 17-18h

7:00ampm-abbreviation am
Jeudi Septembre 1 2011

Venue: 90.3fm in Montreal, everywhere else

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Over the past six months the Syrian people have uprising been taking to the streets to call for justice, freedom and democracy, a national uprising.

In response the Syria government continues to unleash deadly violence and kill people in the streets, over 2200 people have been killed, including many children.

Citizen journalists uploading photos and writing reports from the front-lines have been targeted and killed by Syrian government snipers.

In an effort to mobilize public attention and solidarity with the current situation in Syria, CKUT radio presents a special programming on September 1st at 90.3fm in Montreal.

---> 7h-9h. Lendemain de la veille

French language programming featuring numerous voices and guests speaking on the Syrian struggle for liberation.

* Faisal Alazem speaking via the Collective for Syria in Montreal on CKUT special broadcast.
* Line Atallah & Khaled Alsadi representing the Collective for Syria in Montreal speaking on role that social media has played in Syrian uprising.
* Agnès Gruda foreign corespondent at La Presse newspaper speaking on Syria in relation to Middle East region & political importance of the Syrian protest movement.
* Habib Zaarour researcher at Universite de Montreal speaking on outlining broader contemporary context in Syria beyond the current unrest & protests.
* El Seed graffiti artist & calligrapher who is currently presenting a piece on the Syria uprising for the 'Under Pressure' gallery show.

---> 11h-12. Under the Olive Tree.

Syria-focused programming exploring the Syrian protest movement and also a focus directly on the current situation facing Palestinian refugees living in Syria facing growing state violence.

* Salwa Ismail, academic and commentator for the Guardian newspaper on the Syrian protest movement, professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, UK.
* Rami Nakkash, on Syrian government violence directed toward Palestinian refugees in Syria via Collective for Syria in Montreal & Tadamon!
* Nadim Kobeissi, information security enthusiast and an independent journalist/Internet freedom advocate.

---> 12h-14h Venus.

A special 2-hour edition of Venus the popular CKUT radio show all about women in music featuring discussion on the role of women and non-violent struggle in the Syrian protest movement.

* Buschra Jalabi and Afra Jalabi offer perspectives on the non-violent protest movement in Syria via the Collective for Syria in Montreal.
* Hadia Sawaf will outline the importance of youth in the Syrian uprising.
* featuring guest DJ sets featuring music from Syria and across the Middle East selected by in studio guests.

---> 17h-18h Off the Hour.

A news-driven hour, providing current headlines on the situation in Syria, interviews with key activists involved in supporting the Syrian popular struggle against dictatorship.

* in-studio oud performance by Hassan Abdel Hay, a Syrian musician / singer in Montreal who regularly performs at Kaza Maza restaurant on Parc avenue.
* report from demonstration outside Suncor in Montreal organized by the Collective for Syria in Montreal.
* Mary Foster via the Collective for Syria in Montreal on the campaign to pressure Suncor to cut economic links with the Syrian government amounting to $1.2billion.
* Haroun Bouazzi via Collectif de solidarité au Canada avec les luttes sociales en Tunisie reflecting on uprisings across North Africa & the Middle East.


The Collective for Syria is an initiative of Syrian-Canadians and their allies working in support of the popular, nonviolent uprising for freedom, justice and democracy in Syria. We are not aligned with any political party or ideology but support the legitimate demands of the Syrian people for dignity and freedom for all. For more information:

CKUT Radio is a campus/community radio station run by volunteers 24/7, serving Montreal and McGill University communities.

Organizer:Buschra Jalabi, : 514-581 1475 Khaled Al-Saadi, : 438-826-0055 Faisal Alazem,

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