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posted by Moira Peters in on juill. 8, 2011 - View profile


Media Co-op AGM: Montreal meet-up

It's your media--run it!

Mercredi Août 3 2011

Venue: 2019 rue Moreau, #501 (buzz 149)
Address: 2019 rue Moreau, #501 (buzz 149)
Cost: free

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WHAT: Dominion / Media Co-op AGM
WHERE: by phone and online, Montreal meet-up at 2019 Moreau, #501 (buzz 149)
WHEN: Wednesday, August 3rd at 5pm (AGM starts at 6)
WHO: Everyone is welcome, although you must be a member to vote.

details available here:

As a co-op, our AGM is one of the most important events of the year, allowing members to come together, meet each other and make important decisions about the Media Co-op.

If you're in the Montreal area, come and meet up with us at 5pm to meet other members and to find out about the local Montreal Media Co-op, launched last March. We'll be serving some light refreshments. At 6pm we'll join other members for the AGM via conference call and video feed.

Please RSVP for the meet-up by 5pm Aug. 1st so we can plan how much food to get by emailing

See you on August 3rd!

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