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posted by widge in on mars 16, 2011 - View profile


Caution Feminists! (English version of Attention Féministes!)

Jeudi Mars 17 2011

Venue: NFB Cinema
Address: 1564, Saint-Denis Street
Cost: $7; $5 for students

Caution Feminists!(English version of Attention Féministes!) a documentary directed by Rozenn Potin will be presented at the NFB Cinema (1564, Saint-Denis Street) on March 17 at 7 PM.


Portrait of young contemporary feminists. Geneviève, Barbara, Pascale, Coco and Marco : so many ways to be a feminist today! In an era that has stated the death of ideologies, these young people still believe in a better world! Through their personal and social actions, we discover the new face of feminism, the one of girls and boys of the X and Y generations. A dynamic movement, an action mode that is all at the same time funny, relevant, “sexy” and combative, and that shows that there are still many ways to claim equality.


$7; $5 for students

Organizer:Vidéo Femmes

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