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Peter Kent does not deserve to be compared to shit (or the other way around)

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Peter Kent does not deserve to be compared to shit (or the other way around)

I fundamentally disagree with the characterization of Peter Kent (Canada’s Environment Minister) that was made by Liberal MP Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons on Wednesday, December 14.


Mr. Trudeau referred to Mr. Kent as a “piece of shit.”


I am sure the term was meant as an insult to Mr. Kent. But inadvertently, Mr. Trudeau disparaged a relatively clean-burning energy source and an excellent compost material by equating it to an Environment Minister responsible for sabotaging the global climate and condemning billions to flood, famine and misery.


In short, Mr. Trudeau owes excrement everywhere a heartfelt apology.


Clearly, the proper term to describe Mr. Kent is a “cesspool of tar sands bitumen.” To do anything useful with this dirty, clingy black goo, is really a waste of resources and the process produces environment-killing pollutants. The tar sands, like Mr. Kent, should be ostracized and ignored.

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