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Ottawa - Unceded Algonquin Territory

Dominion Special Issue on Climate Justice Launch: Teach-in and Party!

Saturday March 26 2011

Venue: University of Ottawa
Address: UCU215 and 1848 Bar Étudiant
Cost: gratuit / free

A part of EnviroJustice weeks:

7pm - Climate Justice Teach-in in UCU215 with Maryam and Hussan (authors of a piece on Climate Justice and the Military Industrial Complex)

9pm - Party at 1848 (ALL AGES) with awesome tunes and lots of delicious sustainable snacks to keep your energy high for a night of dancing and discussion

Climate Justice: It's not just about polar bears! The fossil fuel industry and the systems keeping it going impede on the sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples, incite imperialist wars, and leech toxins that are killing ecosystems and communities. Climate change brought on by irresponsible overconsumption by a select few is already causing the death and displacement of millions around the world, and will only further the inequalities and injustices made by the systems that created the problem in the first place. The mainstream environmental movement often ignores the roots of these problems, offering solutions that exacerbate these problems more. However, frontline communities are uniting to resit destruction in their territories, grassroots collectives are springing up around the world to attack the roots of climate injustice, and communities are coming together to create the real solutions we will need to live in just and sustainably.

Every year the Dominion and the Media Co-op ( release a special issue on one topic and explore it in depth. This year, the topic is Climate Justice! Come join the celebration with us in a participative teach-in to delve into what climate justice really means, ask difficult questions, and link it to other organizing we're involved with. Afterwards, join the party to keep the discussions going and get the blood flowin' as we dance the night away!

This is a great opportunity for those who have been involved with climate justice or other related organizing to reflect of the implications of their work and celebrate our efforts together. Likewise, this is the perfect place for those who are newer to the concept of climate justice or climate justice organizing to come out, connect with folks who are working on this locally and in the broader region, and learn in a super fun and inviting atmosphere! See you there!

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